The Supersaver is a tax paid Capital Guaranteed Investment Bond


It combines the highest level of security with compounding bonuses each year, which are Tax Paid after ten years. This is one of the most secure investment alternatives available today.

Initial investments of $100 or more can be made, with a minimum of $25 per month to start a regular savings plan.


Key Features and Benefits

The Supersaver is ideal for investors who are seeking security of capital and tax paid returns that aim to exceed inflation over the medium to long term.

A Supersaver is particularly suitable for retirement funding or as a savings vehicle for special goals such as a new home, home improvements, holidays or your children’s or grandchildren’s education. KeyInvest Ltd guarantees your investment and all declared bonuses less any withdrawals.

A Supersaver offers a wide range of benefits which include:

• A capital-guarantee giving you peace of mind and security of capital.

A tax paid investment. You do not need to declare investment earnings in your personal tax return where you make no withdrawals during the first 10 years.

• Tax paid withdrawals after 10 years.

• Tax rebates for withdrawals before 10 years.

• A tax effective and flexible alternative to investing in superannuation.

• Transfer your Supersaver to a child on a date you nominate between their 10th and 25th birthday

• Nominate a beneficiary or multiple beneficiaries with funds passing, on death, to that beneficiary (ies) outside of any instruction in your Will.


Additional Contributions

Any amount is acceptable during the first year (subject to the minimum contribution limit), then up to 125% of the previous year’s contributions may be added each subsequent year to maximise the tax-paid benefit.


What is an Investment Bond?

An Investment Bond is a tax paid investment. This means that while you remain invested in the Bond you do not have to pay any personal tax, rather the Bond issuer, KeyInvest, pays tax at the Corporate Tax rate, currently 30%. Importantly, you can access your money at any time. Withdrawals after the 10 year period will not attract any personal tax. If you withdraw during the 10 year period then any growth will be assessable income to you, however you receive a valuable 30% tax offset.

An Investment Bond like KeyInvest's Supersaver has unique Estate Planning features such as the ability to nominate Beneficiaries or access to the Child Advancement Option.   For more information go to our Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer page. (create a hyperlink to this page)


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There's Never Been A Better Time To Secure Your Future

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