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KeyInvest Funeral Bond

The KeyInvest Funeral Bond is a simple, capital guaranteed investment designed to meet your future funeral expenses. Investing in the Funeral Bond can alleviate the financial burden from your family at the time of your passing and may also qualify you for a higher age pension.

The KeyInvest Funeral Bond can be commenced with as little as $100, with your choice of making additional contributions with one-off payments or by establishing a regular savings plan (min $25 p.m.).


Pension Benefits

A KeyInvest Funeral Bond with up to $13,250 is exempt from the age pensions Income Test, Assets Test and deeming provisions. The result is up to $1,033.  in extra pension every year. Twice that amount for couples. Like most things there are some conditions, so check with Centrelink or contact one of our helpful Client Services Representatives.


Payment of Benefits

Payment of the claim is usually made within 7 days of us receiving required documentation. Payment can be made either to the estate or to the Funeral Home itself, with any remaining funds being made payable to the estate.


Advantages of using the KeyInvest Funeral Bond

  • A capital-guarantee covers the investment as well as any contributions and annual bonuses, once allocated
  • No restrictions by health or age
  • No contribution restrictions, however the investment should not exceed your anticipated funeral costs
  • Individual or joint ownership is permitted
  • Investments of up to $13,250 (indexed annually) will generally be treated as an asset exempt from Centrelink's Income and Asset Test
  • It is a tax-paid investment


The KeyInvest Funeral Bond fund is managed by Henderson Global Investors (Australia) on behalf of KeyInvest.

For more information contact your Financial Adviser or KeyInvest on 1300 658 904.


Download Funeral Bond Product Disclosure Statement



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