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An important feature of the KeyInvest Life Events Bond is the ability to invest in one or more of our 27 investment Options.

As it can be difficult to create a diversified portfolio solution with smaller investment amounts, 8 of the 27 investment Options invest into Diversified Funds.

As some investors seek exposure to specific asset sectors, 19 of the options invest into Sector Funds.


The Investment Options are:

Low Cost Index Funds – Diversified

Benefit Fund details                                                         Invests into

Fund No. 1 Conservative Indexed                            Vanguard Conservative Index Fund

Fund No. 2 Balanced Indexed                                     Vanguard Balanced Index Fund

Fund No. 3 Growth Indexed                                        Vanguard Growth Index Fund

Fund No. 4 High Growth Indexed                             Vanguard High Growth Index Fund

Low Cost Index Funds – Sector Specific

Benefit Fund details                                                           Invests into

Fund No. 5 Fixed Interest Indexed                             Vanguard Fixed Interest Index

Fund No. 6 Aust. Property Securities Indexed    Vanguard Aust. Property Sec. Index Fund

Fund No. 7 Australian Shares Indexed                      Vanguard Australian Shares Index Fund

Fund No. 8 International Shares Indexed                Vanguard International Shares Index Fund

Premium Funds – Diversified

Benefit Fund details                                                        Invests into

Fund No. 9 Conservative                                              Russell Conservative Fund Class A

Fund No. 10 Balanced                                                    Russell Balanced Fund Class A

Fund No. 11 Growth                                                       Russell Growth Fund Class A

Fund No. 12 High Growth                                           Russell High Growth Fund Class A

Fund No. 13 Active Diversified Geared              MLC Wholesale Inflation Plus Assertive Portfolio

Premium Funds – Sector Specific

Benefit fund details                                                        Invests into

Fund No. 14 Australian Cash                                      Russell Australian Cash Fund Class A

Fund No. 15 Term Deposit                                           Managed by KeyInvest Ltd

Fund No. 16 Active Cash                                               Smarter Money Active Cash Fund

Fund No. 17 Fixed Interest                                          Schroder Fixed Income Fund Wholesale Class

Fund No. 18 Australian Property Securities      MLC Wholesale Property Securities Fund

Fund No. 19 Infrastructure                                          Magellan Infrastructure Fund

Fund No. 20 Australian Shares                                   Fidelity Australian Shares Fund

Fund No. 21 Australian Shares Multi                      Russell Australian Shares Fund Class A

Fund No. 22 Australian Shares Value                     Investors Mutual Australian Share Fund

Fund No. 23 Australian Shares Industrial             Investors Mutual Industrial Share Fund

Fund No. 24 Aust./Int. Shares Long-Short            Watermark Market Neutral Trust

Fund No. 25 Australian Shares Geared                  Perpetual Wholesale Geared Aust. Shares Fund

Fund No. 26 International Shares Multi                Russell International Shares Fund Class A

Fund No. 27 International Shares                              Magellan Global Fund

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