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Our Origins

KeyInvest is a Financial Services and Retirement Living organisation founded on a long and proud history of caring for the welfare of our members. Our origins date back to 1878 as the Independent Order of Odd Fellows SA Branch (or IOOFSA), and we remain a member-based Friendly Society providing a range of financial and investment services to help our clients achieve their goals. Now, as KeyInvest, we continue this tradition with a focus on "Life's Key Investments", helping our customers access home finance, save for their children's education or enjoying their retirement lifestyle.


Our New Name

As IOOF SA continued to grow and prosper, so did the Victorian IOOF branch which had, in fact, floated and was a publically-listed company. To prevent any confusion between the two IOOF entities, it was decided to change our name from IOOF SA to KeyInvest.

Whilst the brief was to develop a new brand for KeyInvest to help take the business forward, we felt it was important to have some connection to the past - to the original IOOF emblem - the three links or circles.

The ‘three' theme continued to play a major part in the design concept but also reflected the elements of KeyInvest, which we thought were relevant:

  • In design, three is a dynamic number.
  • The most stable and structurally sound shape is the triangle.
  • The triangle is a molecular shape - they can be used like building blocks - they all interconnect and the more there are, the stronger the shape becomes.
  • The classic of all triangle shapes is the pyramid - which gives a sense of permanence, strength and wealth.

In keeping with the number three for the links and the shape of a triangle, we looked at other groupings of three - and came up with the ‘three fish' idea.  Why fish and how do they link back to the values of KeyInvest?

  • They have a strong sense of community.
  • The individual is protected by the group.
  • They are likeable, friendly, approachable.
  • Finally, the colours - black and orange, whilst dynamic and strong, also represent thoughtfulness, confidence and being constructive - which again are words we felt resonated with KeyInvest.

There were also some nice subtle cultural references linked to this design which complement the general philosophy of KeyInvest:

  • Goldfish - are baby dragons and considered to be very lucky.
  • Black fish - represent protection.
  • When three fish are together, they are believed to bring good fortune.
  • The Chinese word for fish is YU.
  • YU is also the same word for success.

All these elements combined to make a strong, striking logo, which importantly has links to the past, but also a direction for the future. The symbolism of the triangle, the three links, the colours and the fish analogy provide a strong, powerful and relevant background to the new identity, which has not only resulted in a dynamic new identity, but importantly the rationale reflects the values of the business and highlights the benefits of working with an organisation like KeyInvest.


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